Many companies order our planing services to get an accurate and smooth finish to their timber. 


The usage of rough timber is quite limited. Planed All Round or PAR timber (also known as planed square edge or PSE and smooth four sides or S4S) is a versatile building material and is used for general joinery applications. It has a smooth planed surface that is ideal for varnishing, staining or painting. Planing could also be used to prepare a special profiled surface of almost any kind as per special request. 


 Popularity of planed or profiled timber planks is obvious – virtually no other construction material can be used to create such a comfortable atmosphere. Featuring a natural and homely finish, used traditionally or with a modern twist in the architectural style, it is no longer possible to imagine architecture in most countries without deliberately using planed and profiled timber.


 In addition to the fact that planed and profiled sawn timber is the main product of our company, planing is also highly demanded as a self-contained service. Our team of experienced professionals is always available to provide our business partners with a smooth or profiled surface according to custom requirements.

  • Planing ensures that sawn timber has an accurate and smooth finish to the sides and edges.
  • Our woodworking equipment can be precisely adjusted to guarantee smoothly planed sawn timber.
  • Planing or profiling the timbers adds a significant value to the end product which can be used as interior and exterior cladding boards, light beam profiles and other joinery applications.

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