You can protect your timber products from such external factors as moisture with our packing film. 


It is an obvious fact that wood is quite vulnerable to such external factors as UV rays and moisture. Mud and dust also does not add value to timber products. Majority of timber processing companies take care of their products and use proper packing to deliver the goods to the end user in the same condition as it is when it comes out of timber processing line. 


As timber industry professionals we are aware of many different needs of our business partners. All of our timber products are being packed and marked according to target market requirements and/or instructions received from the business partner. We use good quality packing film, which helps to protect our timber products during several loading/unloading cycles on the way to the end user. It is also possible to pack the timber in a film with your corporate colours and your company’s logo.


Another important feature often undeservedly forgotten is the marking of timber products. We can mark each of many thousands of boards from your order with some particular numbers and/or words. This helps a lot in identifying the goods and prevents from unfair attempts of substituting the goods. Besides a good quality board with your logo on it could well be used as additional marketing tool in promotion of your company’s products.

  • Packing film protects from such external factors as UV rays, moisture, mud and dust.
  • Packing helps significantly in delivering the goods in perfect condition.
  • Specific marking sometimes is a mandatory requirement of a target market. Marking is very useful in identification of the goods.
  • Both packing and marking can be used as additional marketing tools in the promotion of your company’s products.


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