When you need ultimate precision of your timber's length, we advise using cross cutting services!


Cross cutting of timber is one of the most crucial operations in grading of sawn products. When timber is packed in a special packing film in most cases it is only possible to uncover both edges of the boards to check the quality without taking off the whole packing. In such cases it is vital to use cross cutting / regularizing to ensure that all of the sawn materials are of an equal size.

Cross cutting sometimes is an additional refining step when our business partner precisely defined the requested sizes with almost zero tolerances. Our experienced team of employees and advanced woodworking equipment allows us to accurately and efficiently perform cross cutting service for our business partners.

The demands of our business partners increase constantly in terms of the lengths of pieces and our accurate performance fully satisfies any request.



  • Cross cutting of timber allows our business partners to achieve maximum precision and efficiency.
  • Cross cutting is one of the most crucial operations in grading of sawn timber.
  • Combination of experienced team of employees and advanced woodworking equipment results in delivering of precisely measured wood.

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