Need to construct an energy efficient house in just three days –  use our timber framing! 


Beams (also called as balks or cants) are the basis for modern timber framing as well as other bulky wooden products like stairs, windows etc. Building a timber frame structure means being a part of a longstanding architectural tradition. Beams were used to construct timber frame structures already hundreds of years B.C. Today, the timber framing tradition integrates modern building techniques and technology to combine beautiful designs with remarkable characteristics of strength, durability and energy efficiency.

Timeless in appearance and modern in efficiency standards, timber frame homes offer incredible natural beauty, strength, and flexibility in design. A well designed and constructed timber frame home can provide a richly rewarding living experience for years to come.


We can help you to build a timber frame structure of your dreams by supplying high quality timber beams from coniferous wood species. 



Additional Info

  • Thickness: 25/30/50/75/100 mm
  • Width: 25/30/50/75/100 mm
  • Length: 2400-6000 (steps of 300 mm)
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