Roof battens of AB Timber Group support hundreds of roofs across whole Europe. 


Roof battens (or laths) are used to provide the fixing point for roofing sheet or roof tiles. Roof battens also ensure that the roofing load is evenly allocated.

We are carefully sorting raw material for roof battens. Ready-made pieces are graded visually by our own qualified staff to fully comply with BS 4978 and LVS EN 338 standards. Battens usually are strapped in mini-bundles of 12 pieces (3x4) for easy handling at the construction site. Battens are manufactured from side boards to ensure a stable and straight batten without twists.



Our battens are marked showing size, manufacturer, species, grade and treatment. Battens are produced from pine and spruce in sizes as shown below.


Additional Info

  • Thickness: 18/19/22/24/25/32 mm
  • Width: 32/36/38/45/50 mm
  • Length: 3000-6000 mm (steps of 300 mm)
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