Wood stakes/poles are being used in a number of ways in agriculture and construction. 


Want to define a piece of your property? Or keep your livestock fenced? Or maybe you would like to stabilize plants in your farm or garden with our stakes? Or you need wooden poles for construction? Wooden poles and stakes can be used for many of jobs in construction, at home, and in the garden.

Our business partners are choosing our timber poles in order to benefit from such timber poles advantages as efficient storage and transportation, because wood is light and when stacked the right way timber poles require less than half the storage space of concrete or steel poles, reducing storage and transportation costs. Pressure treated timber poles can be planted directly into the ground, while steel poles require concrete foundations and collars to prevent deterioration. Installation of wooden poles is very simple – no special attachments or accessories needed. A dry wood pole also conducts no electricity and is safe in the event of current leakages. An indisputable fact is that wood is less expensive than any other alternative material for poles. No other pole material comes from a renewable source, making timber the only true eco-friendly source material. Wooden poles are also easy to recycle.

We use pine and spruce wood for the production of stakes and poles, because of its mechanical resistance and endurance to atmospheric agents. We can produce stakes with pointed ends as well as chamfered tops. Cundies (debarked poles), machine-rounded posts, halves are available.


Additional Info

  • Thickness: Diameter 50-140 (steps of 10 mm)
  • Length: 2000-6000 (steps of 300 mm)
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