Wooden floors with its gentle warmth and natural beauty are the essence of cosiness. 


The last decade is the time when wooden floors once unfairly forgotten are returning to the houses of intelligent home owners with long-term thinking. Timber flooring astonishes with its beauty, variety of colours, good sound-proofing and great ecological value as no chemicals are being used in production processes. Timber flooring has proven itself a timeless product, offering a warmth and natural beauty largely unmatched by other flooring products. Besides its outstanding tactile sensation that adds cosiness to a house, timber flooring is assembled with ease and has proved enduringly relevant in a wide variety of interior settings.

The above mentioned explains the increasing popularity of floorboards from natural wood. Currently timber flooring is considered to be one of most noble, prestigious and durable flooring surface options. Our floorboards are produced from coniferous wood species such as pine, spruce and larch. These wood species contain a lot of resin, which makes the wood dense, durable and moisture-resistant.



Modern floorboards have only one profile presented below, but as our experience shows this is the case when there is no need for alternatives. However, we are ready to tailor sizes according to specific order.


Additional Info

  • Thickness: 28-44 mm
  • Width: 100/125/150/175 mm
  • Length: 3000-6000 mm (steps of 600 mm)
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