Timber construction has become a genuine option to traditional home building.


Timber construction has experienced a real boom in recent years. Of all construction materials, wood requires the smallest amount of energy for manufacture, transport and processing. Timber construction has such advantages as lower construction costs combined with higher floor space efficiency in comparison with brick or concrete houses. As wood has excellent heat insulation properties it also decreases owner’s maintenance costs.

Criteria such as stability, shape retention and straightness are of absolute significance in construction timber. All these criteria are part of AB Timber Group’s high standards for construction timber. Sawn timber is particularly true to size, extremely resilient and durable.


One of AB Timber Group’s specialities is kiln dried construction timber for application where special requirements on strength and load capacity are required. According to the international markets requirements and regulations this material is strength graded to C16, C18 or C24. Mark with strength grade is being stamped on each board. For easier handling at the building site, it is available with eased (r=3mm) edges. Most construction timber is coniferous (pine and spruce); however we have a variety of planed timber boards from birch and larch wood species with sizes as per your request.


Additional Info

  • Thickness: 19/22/25/28/32/36/38/42/44/47/63/75 mm
  • Width: 50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225 mm
  • Length: 2400-6000 (steps of 300 mm)
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