Make your walls look massive with our blockhouse boards from coniferous wood. 


Nevertheless having 8 different profiles of cladding in product portfolio, we couldn’t resist treating the blockhouse in a special way by positioning this product as a separate entity and not just one of many.

Blockhouse (decoration board) is a type of cladding (wall panelling board) that has one side flat and planed while the opposite side has a cylindrical shape. Thus, blockhouse imitates the look of massive machine-rounded log, while being considerably lighter. Another difference from natural log is its perfectly smooth surface; it does not deform or crack and is very durable.

Blockhouse is being used mostly for exterior and interior wall finishing of summer houses, baths, terraces and veranda. It is especially suitable for country style decoration.


Our blockhouse is produced from pine and spruce in two most popular sizes as shown below.


Additional Info

  • Thickness: 19/35 mm
  • Width: 95/140 mm
  • Length: 3000-6000 mm (steps of 300 mm)
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